DVDarchitecture Architectural Visualization

We are your competent partner for all types of architectural visualization.

Welcome to DVDarchitecture. Thanks to our special setup, we can combine high quality with a fair price to provide a very good price/value solution. For this, our Swiss office, works closely together with an experienced team from  China which, over the years, has specialized itself to the international market.
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Our advantages in a nutshell:
-Up to 4 Previews The client has lots of chances to influence the creation of the visualizations according to his wishes.
-Fast and simple work flow We can create renderings on very short notice.
-Very good price/value. High quality with a very competitive price.
-Good Service. The entire correspondence and support happens through educated Swiss staff.

Revolutionary Technology in Architecture – Every Image Tells a Story

Technological innovation is progressing steadily. Architectural renderings, of course, are not excluded from this. A virtual stroll trough a Building, which is not even built yet, becomes possible. In a professional rendering lots of components have to fit together. If the viewpoint, the lighting, the materials and the colors blend well together, a unique and convincing image is created.

The entertainment industry has proven the immersive possibilities of virtual reality / augment reality. This technology has now moved on to the architectural work environment. The understanding of the real scale and the feelings it can create are truly astonishing and will leave an initial impression which is not easily forgotten. Besides the ability to show models in their real scale, there are numerous advantages in VR technology. Problems and misunderstandings can be identified and solved way ahead, beyond the possibilities of any other communication form.

Sceneries and Buildings can feel alive without any boundaries. And this is just the beginning. Design, furniture, color and light can transport a specific emotion trough VR glasses. The experience to be in a 3D environment and to move freely in it is the most attractive and modern method of real estate marketing.

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