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Welcome to DVDarchitecture. Thanks to our special setup, we can combine high quality with a fair price to provide a very good price/value solution. For this, our Swiss office, works closely together with an experienced team from  China which, over the years, has specialized itself to the international market.

Architektur Visualisierungen
Architektur Visualisierungen
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360° Visualisierung
360° Visualisierungen
Virtual Tour
Architektur Wettbewerbe

Our advantages in a nutshell:
-Up to 4 Previews The client has lots of chances to influence the creation of the visualizations according to his wishes.
-Fast and simple work flow We can create renderings on very short notice.
-Very good price/value. High quality with a very competitive price.
-Good Service. The entire correspondence and support happens through educated Swiss staff.

Revolutionary Technology in Architecture – Every Image Tells a Story

Technological innovation is progressing steadily. Architectural renderings, of course, are not excluded from this. A virtual stroll trough a Building, which is not even built yet, becomes possible. In a professional rendering lots of components have to fit together. If the viewpoint, the lighting, the materials and the colors blend well together, a unique and convincing image is created.

The entertainment industry has proven the immersive possibilities of virtual reality / augment reality. This technology has now moved on to the architectural work environment. The understanding of the real scale and the feelings it can create are truly astonishing and will leave an initial impression which is not easily forgotten. Besides the ability to show models in their real scale, there are numerous advantages in VR technology. Problems and misunderstandings can be identified and solved way ahead, beyond the possibilities of any other communication form.

Sceneries and Buildings can feel alive without any boundaries. And this is just the beginning. Design, furniture, color and light can transport a specific emotion trough VR glasses. The experience to be in a 3D environment and to move freely in it is the most attractive and modern method of real estate marketing.

Real estate marketing - marketing meets reality

Of course the main benefit from an architectural visualization is the accelerated promotion of a real estate project. The customer is able the see the finished result in a complete, real environment even before the firs building block is set. The attractiveness of an project can be played to its full potential.
The entire architectural concept with colour, texture and all the exciting ideas can be proven, tested and refined. It enables the architect and interior designers to work more engaged with their customer and connects the understanding of the individuals involved in the project and supports their wish to be understood. It let’s the people better understand each other as such and transforms professional knowledge to a understandable, access able matter. It sets a base to build and evolve ideas from. Even for Tourism and hotel branches a virtual tour made from 360° photography can be am attractive asset to their portfolio and helps to present offers in the best way possible.
Real estate managers can use architectural visualizations to polish an estate and amaze new buyers.

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To animate means to awake something to life

The tool to achieve this are photography, video and drone captures as well as 360° visualization. A virtual tour with 360° visualization lets you enjoy every angle and corner of a room and emulates the perspective of a human eye. Together with 360° Drone capturing a whole new experience can be offered.
The combination of digital rendering and real photography creates a lifelike visualization. It supports the planing and understanding of the architectural harmony of a building, its rooms and surroundings. To enhance the lifelike experience of a virtual 360° tour further, a scene can be added. For example a family playing football on the yard. Acoustic effects like chirping birds or background music can be added as well and add a nice unique touch to the tour. Season and light can be set as wished and emit the feeling of a dreamy summer day or a calm, fresh winter day with snow.
The inclusion of real, on site footage makes every project unique and characterises it individually. Which leads to a deeper enthusiasm presenting a real estate.

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Advantages of architectural visualization

Visualizing a building benefits not only the architect, it improves the understanding of a idea or concept for partners, costumers and the whole building sector alike.
Through the lifelike visualization that comes with a professional rendering design flaws or mismatches can be spotted and fixed early in the planning stage and a long time before the Project is built.
Especially design concepts in internal and external areas can often result in change request which become obvious if you can consider the whole, real situation.
Functionality and size ratios become clear and help to manage planning meetings and presentations. Which can be detached from the actual building site. It keeps the information flow easy and stimulates ideas and exchange. Changes can be shared and passed on with ease and your daily work flow will benefit from it.

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External visualization of the building and its surroundings

A 3D visualization can support multiple building types. A cottage as well as a residential complex,
villa, office building or even a skyscraper.
To achieve a well balanced image as a whole, we merge the 3D-Model of a building with a real photography and embed it. To support the scene further, fitting elements from surrounding and horticulture specialists will then be added.
That helps us o create a wide range of desired effects. From a neat and clean look towards artistic moods we can let the picture speak to the viewer. This is how we can create the perfect scene for each individual architectural competition as well as real estate commercials.
To multiply the effects of the visualization a presentation in virtual reality is just one of many possible choices.

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Internal visualizations: living room, kitchen and bath

Creative ideas and the vision from an architect can be presented trough a 3D rendering in photo realistic quality. With this option customers can dive in to the interior design process and enables them to see trough an architects eyes. Every detail can be polished and shown as desired. Furniture and assets can be freely moved and rearranged. The simulation of balconies and windows with the right reflection and refraction of light elevate the visualization to the next level and invite to be amazed.

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DVDarchitecture unleashes the potential of your real estate project

In addition to the supportive nature of a visualization in the process of designing a building. Our visualizations are the tool of choice to commercially announce your real estate project. It doesn’t matter if the building yet exists or not. We offer a wide range of aesthetically pleasing visualization products. From conventional fixed view renderings from outside or inside to completely free explorable 360° tours.
For printed media, mobile devices, or innovations like virtual reality alike, we have an optimized solution.
With professional photography equipment and advanced drones we blur the line between digital rendering and real world images, on all locations in Switzerland. The costumers wish is what really counts for us. Together we create a perfect fit visualization solution for a fair amount of money.