Virtual Tour / 360° Rendering

We are your competent partner for virtual tours with 360° renderings.

A virtual Tour is built with multiple, linked view points that show a complete sphere (360° rendering) in the same quality as our normal renderings. Thereby the rendering is a whole sphere, everyone can freely stroll trough the building and individually choose the view by them self. To ease the navigation the viewpoints can be additionally shown on a floor plan which can be used as an interactive navigation map. Basically its the same principle as you know it from Google Streetview. The virtual tour can be embedded on a web page and is accessible with any desktop PC, Mac, Tablet or even with a smart phone. Another level of depth and immersion is achieved by combining the tour with a VR-Headset like Oculus Rift.

360° Tour for the project Alpenblick

360° Tour for the project Waldgass

360° Tour for the project Wydeweg

360° Tour for the project Rötelberg in Zug

Wohnraum Stegen Wetzikon

Steinhofhalde Luzern